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Haunt the House

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The aim of phantom games is usually to chase phantoms, but this time it's the opposite: you're a phantom, yourself! You live in a huge villa, where at that moment 30 people are having a party. The clock strikes twelve: time for your own party! Scare as many party-goers as possible by hiding in bed, in a vase, in the bath tub, and so on. To hide in these items, fly over them and then press the spacebar. You can make these items move when there are people around. You can sometimes add some extra effects to it. If nobody sees them, of course your action has been a bit useless: so it's better to haunt in those rooms where there are many people. The more you scare them, the higher the 'atmosphere' level will be. And this means that you'll get some extra haunting power. Try to chase away all 30 guests out of the house. Enjoy your haunting party!
Control: Use the arrow keys or WASD to move. Press the spacebar when you want to hide in or under a piece of furniture.

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